Detectable Directional

Armor-Tile®’s Detectable Directional Tiles provide a cost-effective ADA solution that works for both retrofitting projects and new facilities. This detectable warning surface is ideal for parks, sidewalks, transit facilities, and university campuses – allowing the visually impaired complete access to your project’s grounds.

Manufactured out of Armor-Tile®’s diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite, our Detectable Directional tactile system is an industry leader in terms of weather and wear resistance, durability, strength, and lifespan. Our design team is innovative and has crafted this detectable warning product into one of the best on the market.

Supplied as a complete system with the Tile, Adhesive, Fasteners, and Sealant included, the Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional is an all-in-one package that will be easy for your workers to install. Along with its competitive and cost-effective price, this ADA solution is a popular choice for facilities across the United States – making our country more accessible one installation at a time. This is the power of intelligent design and precision engineering.

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Detectable Directional Features

  • We value versatility in our detectable warning products. Consequently, we made sure Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles are a cost-effective tactile system for new construction projects as well as retrofitting old ones.
  • With Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles, you won’t have to shop around for the most cost-effective anchoring system to install our product. Our Detectable Directional ADA solution comes supplied with all the necessary sealant, adhesive, and fasteners.
  • Our detectable warning panels feature beveled edges designed to provide a smooth transition between the surrounding ground installation and the tile – meeting ADA requirements.
  • Composed of Armor-Tile®’s diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite, our Detectable Directional warning surface features industry-leading durability, weather and wear resistance, and strength.
  • Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles are available in 5 sizes to suit your needs: 12”x12”, 6”x48”, 12”x48”, 36”x48”, and 36”x60”.
  • This detectable warning surface is available in 11 standard colors for you to choose from, including: Safety Red, Ochre Yellow, Ocean Blue, Onyx Black, and Pearl White among others.

Available Colors

Ochre Yellow
Federal Yellow
Safety Red
Colonial Red
Brick Red
Ocean Blue
Bright White
Pearl White
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Onyx Black

Detailed Detectable Directional Drawings

Part Number and Tile SizeADD-501R1
PDFADD-501R1 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdfADD-502R1 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdfADD-503 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdfADD-504 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdfADD-C504-2-YW Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdfADD-505R1 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings pdf
AUTOCADADD-504 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings zip
CAD DETAILADD-504 Detectable Directional  Detailed Drawings CAD

Detectable Directional Specifications

California ADA Compliant Specification Including Installation Instructions - PDFCalifornia ADA Compliant Detectable Directional Specifications pdf

Installation Instructions

Detailed Installation Instructions - PDFDetectable Directional Detailed Instructions pdf

Detectable Directional Applications

Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles have been providing clear tactile directions to the visually impaired community at private and public facilities across the United States for years – continuing our goal of making America a more accessible country one project at a time. The innovative designs of our tactile warning systems provide exactly the detectable warning required so the visually impaired community can have unimpeded access to the world.

As opposed to truncated domes, which provide an alert intended to stop a person in their tracks, Armor-Tile® Detectable Directional Tiles feature wayfinding bar tiles that provide a clear tactile message intended to direct pedestrians in a certain direction.

Our Detectable Directional Tiles can be used for the following applications and many more:

  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • ADA Curb Ramps
  • Vehicular Passageways
  • Escalator Approaches
  • Parking Areas
  • Multi Modal Transit Stations
  • Transit Platforms
  • Top of Stair Landings and Wheelchair Ramps

ADA Compliance

Armor-Tile®’s team of engineers has designed our Detectable Directional Tiles to be in full compliance and often exceed ADA and state regulations as well as performance tests. We are your one stop shop for ADA compliant detectable and tactile warning systems that are guaranteed to fulfill all your accessibility needs; both indoor and outdoor.

On top of our incredible Detectable Direction wayfinding bar tiles, Armor-Tile® is proud to offer a wide range of other ADA solutions designed and produced with accessibility, safety, and ADA compliance in mind. Help Armor-Tile® make the world more accessible.

Safe and Durable Detectable Directional

This detectable warning product is industry-leading in its density, durability, strength, and weather and wear resistance due to the innovative and diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite we manufacture our tiles out of. Our tactile paving wayfinding tiles pass every performance test with flying colors due to this material and our innovative design. These tests include the ASTM D638 for tensile strength, the ASTM D790 for flexural strength, the ASTM D696 for coefficient of thermal expansion, and the AASHTO HS20-44 for Wheel Load Tests – a strict test that requires our tiles to sustain 10,410 pounds.

For general information and  a quote, call our ADA Experts at 800-682-2525

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