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Armor-Tile® Prominently Displayed in Front of Flagship Amazon Fresh Location

This week a few lucky customers got the chance to preview Woodland Hills’ newest grocery store, Amazon Fresh. “It was like the Willy Wonka golden ticket,” Eric Wein, one of the selected customers invited to the store, said. With the help of new technology, Amazon’s store provides a grocery shopping experience unlike anything else. But not all the best technology can be found inside the store.

Safer Truncated Domes installed in train Station

Detectable Warning Systems are Making Transit Safer

Approaching an escalator, waiting at a crosswalk or standing on the platform watching the train approach; it’s likely you have seen detectable warning systems installed in these areas. Tactile walking surface indicators, (TWSI) are comprised of truncated domes or wayfinding bar tiles. These tactile warning systems, that stick just mere millimeters out of the ground’s surface, provide an easily detected warning of potential hazards.