Modular Paver

Armor-Tile® Modular Paver detectable warning pavers are manufactured of a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite and filled with high strength polymeric concrete – making this ADA tile incredibly dense, durable, strong, and a cost-effective method for making new curb ramps and platform edges ADA compliant.  Our innovative design has elevated our Modular Paver into the industry leader in terms of weather, and wear resistance, as well as durability. These detectable warning pavers also boast versatile installation options, as they can easily be dry laid on compacted fill or set in a grout bed or drypac.

Overall, Armor-Tile® Modular Paver truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles are your best and most cost-effective option for making new curb ramps and platform edges accessible and ADA compliant. Help us achieve our goal of making the world a more accessible place for the visually impaired.

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Modular Paver Features

  • We designed our Heavy-Duty Strength Modular Pavers to provide a cost-effective method of modernizing new curb ramps and platform edges with a focus on accessibility.
  • Our truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles ensure a smooth transition between your detectable warning paver and the surrounding concrete.
  • Armor-Tile® Modular Paver tiles are filled with high strength polymeric concrete in order to make them the most durable, strong, and weather and wear resistant detectable warning pavers on the market.
  • This ADA tile can easily be cut to conform to various sizes and radius ramps for your convenience.
  • Our detectable warning surface is available in 10 standard colors, including Ocean Blue, Onyx Black, and Federal Yellow.
  • Our Modular Paver tactile walking surface is available in 2 different sizes to meet your needs: 12”x12” and 24”x24”.
  • Armor-Tile® truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles sustain dynamic vehicle loading and pass the AASHTO HS20-44 Wheel Load Test with ease.

Available Colors

Ochre Yellow
Federal Yellow
Safety Red
Colonial Red
Brick Red
Ocean Blue
Bright White
Pearl White
Light Gray
Dark Gray
Onyx Black

Detailed Modular Paver Drawings

Part Number And Tile SizeADA-P-1212
PDFADA-P-1212 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings pdfADA-P-2424 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings pdf
AUTOCADADA-P-1212 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings zip
ADA-P-2424 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings zip
CAD DETAILADA-P-1212 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings CADADA-P-2424 Modular Paver Detailed Drawings CAD

Modular Paver Specifications

ADA Compliant Specification Including Installation Instructions - PDFADA Compliant Specification with Installation Instructions PDF
Modular Paver ADA Compliant Specification Including Installation Instructions - PDFModular Paver ADA Compliant Specification with Installation Instructions PDF

Installation Instructions

Printable Illustrated Installation Instructions - PDFModular Paver Installation Instruction PDF


Private and public facilities across America use Armor-Tile® ADA detectable warning pavers to provide the visually impaired with clear, tactile warnings of any changes in surface conditions – making their space more accessible and inclusive. For example, the visually impaired need to know when the sidewalk transitions into an intersection, and Armor-Tile® truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles provide exactly the tactile, detectable warning required.

Applications for Tactile Attention Indicator Truncated Domes:

  • Alerting pedestrians to entries onto vehicular routes or areas where no curbs or other elements separate the roadway from the pedestrian route – such as ADA curb ramps, wheelchair ramps, top of stairs/escalators and blended transitions.
  • The unprotected edges of a reflecting pool.
  • Providing a tactile warning of an unprotected drop off edge, such as a transit platform where the change in elevation is greater than 250mm or the slope is steeper than a ratio of 1:3 (33%)

Armor-Tile® Modular Paver Detectable Warning Surface products can be used for the following applications and many more:

  • ADA Curb Ramps
  • Pedestrian Crossings
  • Parking Areas
  • Escalator Approaches
  • Vehicular Passageways
  • Transit Platforms
  • Multi-Modal Transit Stations
  • Top of Stair Landings – Wheelchair Ramp


Armor-Tile® truncated domes, concrete detectable warning pavers, and detectable warning panels are designed to be in full compliance of every ADA and state accessibility regulation. With ADA detectable warning systems designed for both interior and exterior applications, Armor-Tile® is your one stop shop for making your facility ADA compliant. On top of our heavy-duty strength Modular Paver detectable warning system, we provide a full range of similar products produced for safety, convenience, and accessibility code compliance.

Help us make the world more accessible!

For general information and  a quote, call our ADA Experts at 800-682-2525

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