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Setting the standards for durability and detectability in Tactile Warning Systems

Armor-Tile® is the world leader in ADA compliant truncated domes and detectable warning pavers. We offer a wide variety of versatile ADA tiles that can be easily installed anywhere they may be required – because we care about making every area accessible to the visually impaired. Choose Armor-Tile® for ADA detectable warnings and tactile floor tiles that are industry-leading in impact and wear resistance, weathering, burn and chemical resistance, detectability, and slip resistance.

Armor-Tile Tactile System Cast in Place Tile

Cast in Place ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Cast in Place is the world leader in tactile detectable warning systems packaged into the lowest cost installation system available. Cast in Place ADA tiles can be easily installed directly into wet set concrete and can be easily replaced when necessary. We manufacture our detectable warning pavers using a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite that is the industry leader for durability, weather and wear resistance. Our ADA solutions can also be easily cut to conform to angled and radius ramps and are available in ten standard colors available with Federal Color identification.

Our Cast in Place ADA tiles are extremely versatile, and can be installed in ADA curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, parking areas, and many more locations. Armor-Tile ADA detectable warning tiles are the best ADA solution on the market for ensuring your new project is ADA compliant.

Armor-Tile Tactile System Surface Applied Tile

Surface Applied ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Surface Applied tiles are designed to install into any existing cured concrete surface where an ADA tile is required. These Armor-Tile® detectable warning pavers are very cost effective, and have been designed with beveled edges to provide a smooth transition from any walking surface onto the tactile system, exceeding ADA requirements. Installing the Surface Applied truncated dome tiles is easy, thanks to the use of our Tactile Bond and surface applied adhesive along with tamper proof stainless-steel Axis™ Fasteners for long-term durability.

These detectable warning pavers offer a simple, more cost-effective alternative to our wet set Cast in Place tiles, as the tiles can be installed after construction is complete. Armor-Tile®’s Surface Applied tiles can be easily cut, which doesn’t void the warranty, to fit any surface – allowing the installer a great deal of flexibility. This flexibility means the tiles can be used in a wide variety of applications, including ADA curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, transit platforms, escalator approaches, and many more. These tiles are also lightweight and extremely easy to handle. Overall, Surface Applied ADA tiles are a cost-effective and easy to install detectable warning pavers, deal for your next project.

Armor-Tile Tactile System Herculite Series

Herculite Series ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Replaceable Herculite series ADA detectable warning pavers are manufactured from a polymer Herculite composite, with fiberglass reinforcement that is diamond hard. This ADA tile’s innovative design allows for quick and easy replacement when necessary, so you can consistently provide reliable tactile warnings to the visually impaired. Armor-Tile® ADA tiles are industry-leaders in durability, weather and wear resistance – making them the ideal product for exceeding ADA compliance. Our ADA detectable warning tiles come with a 5-year warranty.

We engineered the Replaceable Herculite series tiles to be fully compliant with every ADA government guideline and regulation, and as such the product can be easily installed across a variety of applications, including parking areas, transit platforms, ADA curb ramps, and many more. Armor-Tile® is here to provide you with industry-leading ADA solutions armed with top-of-the-line truncated domes and wayfinding bar tiles.

Armor-Tile Modular Pavar Tile

Modular Paver ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Modular Paver detectable warning tiles are manufactured from a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite and filled with high strength polymeric concrete to ensure the tactile system is incredibly dense, durable, and strong. This innovative combination of diamond-hard vitrified polymer and high strength polymeric concrete has vaulted our Modular Paver tiles to lead the industry in terms of durability, weather and wear resistance. Installing our Modular Paver tile is a breeze, as it can be set in a grout bed or drypac or dray laid on a compacted fill. The ADA tile can also be installed in a wide variety of sites, as the tile can be easily cut to conform to angled and radius ramps.

Our Modular Paver tile is a cost-effective option when building new ADA curb ramps and platform edges. This detectable warning paver also features a smooth transition, from any walking surface, meeting every ADA regulation and guideline. This ADA tile also sustains dynamic vehicle loading and passes the important AASHTO HS20-44 Wheel Load Test. Overall, our Modular Paver is the ideal detectable warning paver product for a wide variety of applications, including ADA curb ramps, transit platforms, multi-model transit stations, pedestrian crossings, and many more.

Armor-Tile Tactile System Detectable Guidance Tile

Detectable Guidance ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® Detectable Guidance Tiles are ideally used as tactile pathways for the visually impaired community at pedestrian crossings at roadways. They feature one of Armor-Tile®’s lowest installation costs, as the integral embedment flanges complete anchoring system is easily installed at a cost-effective price. This detectable warning product is installed at less than ¼” above the adjacent surface for ideal detectability. Available in 11 different ADA regulated colors, including Federal Yellow, Pearl White, Onyx Black, and Ocean Blue, these detectable guidance tiles will allow the visually impaired to freely navigate your roadways safely and efficiently.

Armor-Tile Tactile System Detectable Directional Tile

Detectable Directional ADA Tiles

Armor-Tile® detectable directional tiles are a cost-effective ADA solution for both retrofitting projects and new construction. Our detectable directional products are ideal for university campuses, parks, sidewalks, and transit facilities allowing those with visual impairments to have unimpeded access to your grounds. Every tile is supplied as a complete and ready system. Our ADA tile is also shipped with our Tactile Bond and surface applied adhesive, tamper-proof stainless-steel Axis™ Fasteners, and sealant. Installing our products is exceedingly easy, and they are guaranteed to stay safe and secure with unmatched durability.

Complete with beveled edges for smooth transitions between walking surfaces, our ADA approved detectable directional tiles are available in a variety of sizes for your use. They can also be applied to any application you have in mind, including ADA curb ramps, vehicular passageways, parking areas, transit platforms, and many more!

We manufacture Armor-Tile® ADA tiles using a diamond-hard vitrified polymer composite, giving them industry-leading durability, weather and wear resistance. We achieved our industry-leading standard as a result of progressive product development based on extensive market feedback from accessibility professionals, installers, specifiers, and, most importantly, end users over the past 30 years. Our team has unparalleled experience ADA solutions, which allows us to effectively use our premier manufacturing technologies to develop industry-leading and cost-effective detectable warning pavers that are easily installed.

We offer multiple configurations of our Armor-Tile® detectable warning pavers to meet the specific needs of our clients, and we ensure that every installation is compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements on both the federal and local level. Our detectable warning pavers are also incredibly versatile, so they can easily be installed in any area that truncated domes are required – because we care about making every area accessible. We designed our truncated dome tiles to serve as clear and distinctive warnings for individuals with visual impairment, so they can walk safely around your facility and be promptly alerted to changes in elevation and potential dangers. We kept safety and convenience at the forefront of our truncated dome tiles, and the result is a series of detectable warning systems that outperform the rest of the industry. Every tactile paving system we produce complies with the ADA and the State of California Building Code Title 24.

Choose Armor-Tile® for ADA detectable warning systems that are industry-leading in impact and wear resistance, weathering, burn and chemical resistance, detectability, and slip resistance. Armor-Tile® embodies meticulous engineering and intelligent design in order to continue making our world more accessible.

What is an ADA Detectable Warning Surface?

An ADA detectable warning surface is a generic term, used alongside ADA tiles and ADA solutions, for a truncated domes tactile warning system designed to provide physical cues for the visually impaired. These detectable warning pavers are needed at the intersections of hazardous vehicle roads and pedestrian walkways, so the visually impaired are alerted as they approach potentially dangerous situations. ADA tiles must be easily seen, felt underfoot, and easily detected with guidance canes. Truncated domes are placed in an inline pattern and have a signature shape that is easily recognizable by the visually impaired and serves every function of an ADA solution, and have thus become the industry standard. The surface must also have a significant visual affect, which is easily done by crafting the color of the ADA tile to significantly contrast with the surrounding concrete surface. Every Armor-Tile® design is available in a variety of colors that will provide stark contrast to your project area, no matter the surrounding colors. We designed every Armor-Tile® ADA tile and ADA solution to provide long-term, high performance guidance for the visually impaired and to outlast heavy foot traffic.

We are your top option for ADA compliance! We designed every one of our ADA tiles with federal and state ADA standards in mind so that we can be your one-stop-shop for ADA solutions. To meet these high standards, we combined our proven polymer processing and material technologies with intelligent design features to create the most cost-effective and durable detectable warning tiles available. Armor-Tile® truncated domes and detectable guidance tiles are rigorously tested to ensure their quality, including the AAHSTO HS20-44, as well as various ASTM D tests and ASTM concrete tests. Our truncated domes are also individually tested against wear and tear. We set the standards for durability and detectability in tactile warning systems.

We ship our Armor-Tile® ADA tiles with installation instructions. Installation of our detectable warning pavers is easy and creates a smooth, code compliant transition from tactile warning surface to surrounding substrate. Compliant transitions are required for individuals with visual impairments because it is imperative for them to be able to feel truncated domes and guiding strips comfortably through their shoes. We have also incorporated sound reflection technology into each of our tactile warning systems, allowing persons with guidance canes to freely navigate the area completely unaided. Armor-Tile® ADA tiles can be found in private and public spaces around the globe, but common applications include ADA curb ramps, transit platforms, pedestrian crossings, parking areas, and vehicular passageways.

What is an ADA Detectable Warning Surface?

A wide variety of professions are involved with implementing ADA compliant tactile warning surfaces. Consequently, many different terms are used to describe truncated domes and wayfinding surfaces. The following are a few examples our clients use when referring to Armor-Tile® tactile warning products:

  • ADA Detectable warning strips
  • ADA Detectable warning mats, detectable warning tile
  • Tactile walking surface indicators (TWSI)
  • Tactile paving
  • Tactile warning tiles
  • Truncated Dome Mats
  • ADA Paver Tile
  • Truncated dome tile
  • ADA tile
  • ADA warning mats


The Armor-Tile® design team strives to provide truncated domes and tactile warning systems that can be utilized in any public or private space to provide the visually-impaired community with ADA solutions wherever their daily lives take them.

Armor-Tile® Exceeds ADA Regulations

Our team explicitly designed Armor-Tile® truncated dome tiles to be compliant with and exceed all ADA regulations. The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) became law in 1990, and it recognizes the rights of all persons, regardless of ability, to participate in all the facets of daily public life. It is a comprehensive piece of civil rights legislation, also known as an “equal opportunity” law for people with disabilities, that was created to fight discrimination of disabled persons within American society – specifically when it comes to employment, transportation, and all accessible public areas. Due to a lack of “equal opportunity” legislation, infrastructure, and development codes in the 20th century, many American citizens did not have equal access to all spaces. Thanks to the ADA regulations, we are witnessing this unfortunate reality change in a variety of ways – including the addition of ADA tiles and ADA solutions to many public and private spaces.

One ADA standard calls for the installation of truncated domes and wayfinding tiles in pedestrian spaces open to the public; including transit platforms, walkways, transitional spaces, vehicular parking garages, ADA curb ramps, and more. To be ADA compliant infrastructure, each detectable warning strip must adhere to stringent size and spacing specifications, visually contrast with the adjacent walkway or platform, and meet numerous measurement specific standards.

Please see our ADA regulation page, under the ADA resources tab of our website, for more information. You can also read the full, comprehensive, Truncated Domes ADA Requirements on the official government website.

Distribution and Customer Support

Armor-Tile® has the most extensive sales and distribution network in the ADA detectable warning industry, so your order of tactile warning tiles is guaranteed to be quick and easy. When you are our customer or specifier, you have the complete support of our local sales representatives, as well as our entire distribution network. To find or connect with your local sales associate, please see our Distributors page.

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