Armor-Tile® Prominently Displayed in Front of Flagship Amazon Fresh Location

This week a few lucky customers got the chance to preview Woodland Hills’ newest grocery store, Amazon Fresh. “It was like the Willy Wonka golden ticket,” Eric Wein, one of the selected customers invited to the store, said. With the help of new technology, Amazon’s store provides a grocery shopping experience unlike anything else. But not all the best technology can be found inside the store.

Surrounding the store’s entrance is Armor-Tile®’s Surface Applied Detectable Warning Tiles.

“These tiles have been expertly created to make the public more accessible to those with visual impairments,” John Heffner, the Vice President of Armor-Tile® said. “It’s encouraging to see such large companies taking the right steps towards accessibility.”

The surface of Armor-Tile®’s detectable warning tiles feature a series of state and federally mandated truncated domes, which are just large enough to provide a tactile warning, while not protruding so much from the ground it causes a tripping hazard.

These truncated domes serve as a warning to persons with visual impairments that they are approaching the entrance to the store, or entering the parking lot on the way out of the store. The detectable warning tiles can be felt comfortably underfoot, providing a distinct tactile difference between the surrounding pavement and the tile. Additionally, truncated domes can also provide an audible warning, as when they are tapped with a guidance cane they make a unique sound, alerting persons of a change in walking surface.

Commonly detectable warning tiles are installed at curb ramps, pedestrian crossings, transit platforms, as well as parking areas and vehicular passageways, like at Amazon Fresh.

“We are proud to have our product featured at the new Amazon Fresh store and excited to have this new addition to our community,” Heffner said.

Armor-Tile®’s detectable warning panels are in full compliance with every ADA and state regulation regarding accessibility. For general information about these detectable warning surfaces designed for safety, convenience and code compliance, call the ADA experts at 800-682-2525.

The Amazon Fresh store is set to open to the public in the coming weeks, with additional locations throughout California and Illinois coming as well.  

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